Slide About FUSE Florida University Southeast (FUSE) is a research university licensed by the Florida Department of Education, Commission for Independent Schools. FUSE's status was updated from its former name Florida Institute of Finance College (FIFC) established in 2015. Why FUSE
FUSE's fully online distance learning approach prepares students to directly enter the rapidly expanding professions through applied knowledge.
FUSE Vision To become the world class research university that provides both academic excellence and professional experience to our students. FUSE Mission We aspire to make FUSE a true global research university, recognized for its professional development and academic programs that prepare students for the challenges of today’s world through research and discovery.
We provide quality courses in an exemplary teaching and learning environment to help professionals overcome the challenges of adult learning in today’s busy world.
Diversity By embracing diversity in all of its dimensions, we strive to become a model university that fosters international cooperation and the exchange of ideas, research, and knowledge. Integrity We built this university using our high standards of character and integrity as foundations for growth.
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